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Well if you have come this far it must mean that something has resonated with you. It could be hearing my story and my past of identifying as a failure and then making many mistakes and bad choices, and that I came back from this and completely changed my life and direction.

Or it could be that you are going through the motions of life of working hard, paying bills but not living with any real satisfaction or purpose.

If either of these statements relate to you then I know my coaching can help you.


Below are the coaching programs I offer, if you have any questions or unsure of something feel free to call me.

UK:  07950 708 539

USA: 864 920 0148

The Overcomer Coaching Program

Duration: 10 weeks/ 10 sessions

Session Time: 90 mins at least

Location: Online via zoom and Skype.

I am based in the UK but have clients in America hence the local American number for your convenience.

I am now also offering in person sessions in North West London.

Before the program starts we will have a relaxed conversation about where you are now and what you would like to gain from my coaching. At this point you can see if I am the right coach to help you, and I can see if my program suits you. 

Each program is tailored to you and your needs but what follows is a basic outline of what we are likely to cover.

Together we will look deeply into what it is that you want out of life and why you may not being feeling fulfilled right now.

We will explore what has really been holding you back this could be your own limiting beliefs and in my experience it is never what comes first to mind so we will identify this and then we will discuss some proven strategies that will help you overcome and move on past these.

We will set goals- there are many techniques for this but in my experience the W4 technique is the best for really setting some clear goals and for setting some action steps and how you will reach them- this is a really exciting time for you as you start to see that your goals could become a reality.


Then during the course and over the weeks as you start to take action and work on yourself we will look at your values, rules, who you truly are, discover your purpose and passion, and how to keep moving forward  and what to do when bad times come.

This is truly a life changing program if you are committed and no longer want to continue on the current track you are on.

Price £850

Payment plans are available and please don't let the price be a reason for not getting in contact if you are committed to the program we will find something that works for you.

If you are not satisfied with the program after 3 sessions you can request your money back and a full refund will be made no questions asked.

I also offer two shorter programs:

4 Week 4 power sessions; in this program we will look at:

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Setting Goals


Finding your Purpose and Passion

The cost of this is £280 however this can be done as a group which will reduce the cost per person.

I also offer a one off Breakthrough Session were we just look at one area that you want breakthrough in this session is a minimum of 2 hours and the price is £110.

For more details please call me on:

UK: 07415 892 167

USA: 864 920 0148