The Overcomer Coaching Program

Everybody is unique so what you wont find with my coaching is one size fits all. My coaching is adapted to the individual and you will receive your very own life changing program.


What follows is a brief outline of the 'The Overcomer Coaching Program'. You will see that there are two options to choose from and  both are powerful and when applied will change your life.

The first session before we start either package is free of charge so we can see if I am the coach for you- you will also learn some key strategies in this session alone.

The 6 Week Overcomer Package:

This is a powerful mindset changing program that when applied you will overcome your fears, obstacles and comfort zone, all while finding your purpose and will get you crystal clear and focused on your vision. Taking action the whole time whilst also improving all other areas of your life. Not only do you get my input for the 6 sessions but you can contact me throughout the time further insuring you make progress everyday. 

This is where you build a solid overcomer foundation for you to launch off:

  • You will have absolute clarity on your vision

  • You will know your why's 

  • You will have a clear step by step action plan

  • You will know who you need to become in order to achieve your goals

  • We will look at your inner beliefs where they come from- and learn to let go of the ones holding you back and form new empowering beliefs to take you forward

  • You will know exactly what to do after the 6 weeks in order to keep progressing and moving forward.

  • You will be given weekly overcomer strategies 

  • Access to me your coach throughout the course

  • Price: all this for £398

The 12 Week Overcomer package:

This is everything you get in the 6 week package and much more. This package takes you from where the 6 week package leaves you and moves you forward really establishing the overcomer mindset, attitude and actions to get you to your goals and vision. 

With extra time and sessions we can really zero in on some of the issues that have been holding you back whether that's issues ranging from your past to relationships. You will learn how to have peace with these things so that you can now continue your journey without the weight of extra baggage.

As an expert in the 'proactive' mindset we will also work on shifting your mindset from reactive to proactive. To shift you from- not letting things around you affect your your mood and direction but learn to choose your response to those external things and move forward'.

You will start attacking and achieving your goals with me beside you coaching you to success.

Again like the 6 week package you will have access to me between sessions to further guarantee your success and achievement. 

You will also be given weekly resource sheets with strategies and valuable information to keep you moving forward.

Every 4 weeks you will get your own personal evaluation on your journey so far.

Price: £698

I am not satisfied till you are satisfied and have succeeded. 







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