Quick Guide to: Holding a Family Meeting

Wearing a hat is optional

Holding a regular weekly family meeting can be very useful for many reasons. It can help alleviate conflict before it arises, it can give each family member a voice and a feeling that they are listened to. It can be a place of planning fun things and a place for you all to put some house rules in place.

There can be few occasions during our busy hectic weeks to come together as a family. One way to address this is to organise a family meeting- this will show your family you are serious about dealing with issues that arise.

Family meetings should not be long or boring- of course this maybe the initial reaction by your children especially teenagers. So make them brief, focused and as enjoyable as possible.

Here are some suggestions about planning and holding a family meeting:

  • Pick a time when everyone can attend on a regular weekly basis and stick to it.

  • Choose a setting that is comfortable and each family member can see each other- around a table is good (see photo above).

  • Take the meeting seriously and set an agenda and allow all to add to to the agenda.

  • Set time limits- start with 15 mins and increase gradually- rarely a good idea to meet for as long as an hour unless there is a big issue to resolve.

  • Discourage visitors and phone calls

  • Set some basic rules for meeting for example one person at a time speaks, phones on silent etc.

  • Stop the meeting if one person makes more than three hostile comments and deal with away from the meeting. (you want to keep the meeting a positive place).

  • You could nominate roles for the meeting- a chairperson to make sure you keep to the agenda. A recorder to write down any decisions and actions. A mediator to deal with rules etc. rotate these roles each week so that everyone has a turn and everyone feels involved.

  • Arrange something nice after perhaps a movie together or a meal/ snack. You have the family together so make the most of this moment.

  • Family meetings can be used to plan the week ahead as well as behavioural contracts etc.

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Have a great weekend and enjoy your time with your family.

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