Does it have to be family vs business?

We work all the hours we can in order to provide the life we want for our family. But it can be ironic that what we do for our family can actually hurt our family and then if our home life is not happy this can affect our work. I know I certainly perform better when I have spent time with my family and know that they are all well. So how can we provide for our family without neglecting our family and start achieving success in all areas.

What follows are a few small tips that you can start using today these pointers are designed for children of 7 years and up.

1) Firstly frequent small amounts of time can be just as beneficial as long periods of time. So if you are working from home why not set your alarm for every 2 hours and spend 20 mins with your family maybe share a snack or have a coffee together.

2) If you are away from home make sure your partner updates you on what your children have done (not just the bad stuff) but the positive things. Praise is powerful and not only are you letting your children know you are taking an interest in their day and they are still apart of your life but also you are letting your partner know that no matter where work takes you- family is still your priority.

3) If you are on a business trip ensure that you call each day when there are no other distractions and make sure you don't just speak to your partner but to your children too. This will help them feel valued and appreciated and don't appear rushed- however if something does come up while on the call apologise and suggest a time to call back- vitally important you stick to the time you suggest.

4) When we are away or not around much the temptation is to bombard our children with questions- however this can feel like an interrogation to them, so why not start off with something about your day or about an interest of theirs- yes even if it is about that terrible rock band they love and and as hard as it maybe show a genuine interest- they are then more likely to enter into a conversation with you.

5) The temptation when we are away or had a particularly busy week is to promise the world out of guilt, however be realistic in your suggestions and ensure you can keep to it as nothing is worse for your family than heightened expectations and then for them to be let down. Also remember your children watch you and learn from you- what example do we set for them if we do not keep to our word.

6) Although frequent small amount of times is good it is still good to have some good time with your family perhaps a meal and a movie perhaps have a family meeting beforehand. (This will be discussed in greater detail next week).

7) Family time is that FAMILY time it should be a time of no business- turn all devices off if you can- this lets them know that this time is just about them and that they are number 1 in your life.

8) Don't forget to have FUN!!!!

I really hope you enjoyed these few small tips- I will be sharing more each week. If you have any questions or would like further information about my coaching services and the Triple P Positive Parenting Course I run. Please do get in contact for a friendly relaxed chat and we can see if my coaching is for you.

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