A quick guide to: Re-motivate Yourself and Get Back On Track

It may well be that you are going through a dry season of creativity and achievement- the will is there but the motivation is lacking. We have all been there- you go to bed with thoughts of waking up the next day raring to go and achieving so much but then the next day you wake up maybe later than planned and you get caught up watching TV and doing everything but what you set out to do, and then that evening you tell yourself the same thing; tomorrow I will do double what I planned today and make up for this and yet the next day brings more of the same and now you are caught in that dreaded cycle and visions and goals seem further and further away and slipping away each day. So how do break out of this and get back on track?

First off let me reassure you if you are currently in this place, we have all been there. What I am about to share with you are some tips that will help you break this cycle and whats more you can use these tips as soon as it starts happening and hopefully break the cycle sooner and therefore remain motivated and happier and on course to achieve your vision.

  1. Set one or two small achievable goals for the following day not a long never-ending list the intention is good but seldom will this motivate you.

  2. A small goal will get you in the mindset for greater things. For example if you are struggling with your daily workout rather than plan a big session at the gym or a long run. Do 10 push ups or go for a walk or if it's the gym say you will go for just 15 mins. Trust me once you have done this not only will your mindset change but that 15 mins at the gym will soon turn to 30 mins or longer. This same theory can be applied in many areas for example- you need to write a report that you keep putting off- make your goal that you will just type the title and a couple of sentences.

  3. Change your language- don't use language like 'I will try' or 'I should' but state it positively like: 'Tomorrow I will'

  4. Don't beat yourself up- nothing makes us more de-motivated than negative thoughts- if you did nothing today don't worry we all have days like this keep it in perspective it was just one day and if you are still awake you can quite easily achieve a small goal before going to bed and you can go to bed in a more positive mood for the next day.

  5. Countdown- this can be helpful if when you wake up in the morning and you are just laying there and time is slipping away do a ten second countdown trust me it works and be as dramatic as you like do the voice of the person counting down for a rocket launch again you can apply this to other areas 10 seconds to turning off the TV and getting to work on that report etc.

  6. Reward yourself we all like rewards or treats think of the carrot and donkey- when I get this paragraph done I will treat myself to an iced latte.

  7. New day new chance- no matter what happened or didn't happen yesterday today is a new day- grab it and go for it.

  8. Have fun- make your goals fun or if you can't make the goal fun (I know some days working out does not seem fun at all) add something fun to it a great soundtrack to get you going- a nice coffee as you type away at your report.

I hope these few tips help you and remember you got this you can break the cycle, go get them goals.

If you are struggling with removing blocks that are getting in the way or you do not have a clear step by step plan to your vision why not contact me today to see how my Empowerment Coaching can help you on your way to success.

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