About Me

 Hi my name is Luke Curham, I am a successful certified Empowerment and Strategic Life Coach and I'd just like to tell you a little about myself and the obstacles I have overcome to now be here as your potential coach. 

I have been married nearly 4 years and have a beautiful stepdaughter, I live with purpose, passion and direction, but life wasn't always like this.

I left school with no qualifications, I identified as failure, made bad choices, lived with regret and allowed the past to hold me back. I didn't care about myself and I lived like it.

Then one night I hit rock bottom and God showed me I had a choice to continue on this self destructive path or I can choose life...


Fortunately I chose life and started to re-build and transform myself. I overcame my obstacles of self doubt, laziness, and feelings of being a failure and took massive action.

I took coaching and studied and qualified as an Empowerment coach and then as a Strategic Life Coach. I devoured books on the topics of living with purpose and strategies on overcoming self doubt and limiting beliefs, and how to change the story of your life.

I found myself becoming more proactive, taking charge of my life, making peace with my past, overcoming limiting beliefs and I finally started living with passion and purpose, I set big goals and achieved them.

My 14 year career working with people and families excelled and I took on new roles and responsibilities.

Now equipped with the life lessons and training I have set up my own coaching business to help you overcome your blocks and achieve your dreams.  

If you are ready to radically transform your mindset and life then click the button below and book your FREE consultation.