About Me

Hi, I'm Luke Curham and I'd like to tell you a bit about me so that it may help you in your decision to hire me as your coach. 

I am 41 years old , my faith and belief as a Christian is important to me. I enjoy working out, running and swimming. I like to socialise and love good coffee. However my main pleasure aside to helping people reach their dreams and goals in life, is my family and I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my wife Yolanda and step daughter. 

One of the main reasons I became a Life Coach is because for years I just allowed life to happen. I'd wake up for work feeling drained and without purpose. Then when I hit my 30's I thought that's it no point in trying to change things just stick to my job and 'play it safe.'


Then when I was 34 years old I was at my lowest but it was at this point I had the realisation that there is courage inside me and that I can change things and live a life with purpose and from then my life changed. It is with what I've learned that I can bring to you and help you live the life you know deep downinside you should be living. 


I have been without and since then have transformed myself. I know no matter where you are in life you can do the same- whether you feel you will never reach your dreams or you seem to have everything and yet still you feel you are missing something. I have the faith and encouragement in you to make it and with my coaching you will. 

Apart from my life experience I have also worked with people from all backgrounds for over 13 years. I have worked with and coached people and seen them change their life- I have seen people step out of their comfort zones and achieve what they once deemed in their own eyes as impossible. 

With regards to qualifications I am an Associate Certified Empowerment Life Coach, I am also Trained in Brief Solution Focused Therapy and am also a qualified Triple P Positive Parenting Facilitator.

         I love people and love seeing them succeed.

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